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Plastic pipe extrusion line

PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose Extrusion Line

Product introduction:

This unit is used for to produce PVC fiber reinforced hose, also named as PVC net hose, commonly called as snake hose. This kind of soft hose is non-toxic, transparent, pressure resistance, tensile resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, soft and lightweight, durable. Suitable for pressure corrosive gas, liquid transporting, widely used in machinery, coal, petroleum, chemical industry, agricultural irrigation, construction, civil (solar heater, gas tank etc) and other fields. Now also used in a large number of gardens, lawn watering.

This line consists of main extruders, water cooling tank, haul off machine, fiber braiding machine, coiler etc, which has reasonable design, unique structure, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance, constant production capacity, warmly welcomed by customers.

Main Technical Parameters:

型号  Model  JDF45 JDF55 JDF65 JDF75
挤出机Extruder   SJ45/30 SJ55/30 SJ65/30 SJ75/30
规格范围Diameter Range(mm)  φ6-φ16 φ8-φ25 φ12-φ50 φ20-φ50
产量Output(kg/h) 20-40 30-60 40-80 60-110
装机功率Installed Power(kw)  35 42 50 65