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Plastic pipe extrusion line

PVC lay—flat Hose Production Line


Hi-strength terylene yarn and qualified PVC synthesis materials.

Light weight,good flexibility ,bright color,smooth smearing layer.

Flat roll and easy fortake back,convenient for moving and non limitation for length.

Capable for keeping the flexibility and elasticity under the low-temeraturre water.

Anti-hi pressure ,corrosion resistace and ageing resistance.

Applied to the lines of the auxiliaries for agricultural tools against the drought,project,mining ,environment protection,industry and so on,which is the most ideal liquid-transferred hi-pressure hose.

Applicable operation temperature 10°-60°specifications:20-300mm.

Main Technical Parameters:

型号 Model  JDLF75 JDLF75-2
挤出机 Extruder SJ75/28 SJ75/28*2
规格范围 Diameter Range(mm) φ25-φ75 φ75-φ200
产量 Output(kg/h) 40-75 70-150
装机功率 Installed Power(kw) 40 70