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Plastic pipe extrusion line

Large Diameter(HDPE/MDPE)Gas/Water Supply Pipe Product Line


The production line is mainly used to machining and manufacturing for PE plastic pipe,and GF series tube auxiliary equipments production line can also use to process other plastic Extruder and GF series tube auxiliary equipments production line take the features of adwanced,reliable& applied together,and provide strong certification for high-quality plastic tube for customers.

Technological Folw chart:

Main Technical Parameters:

型号 Model 挤出机型号
Main Extruder Type
Assistant Extruder
Pipe Specification(mm)
Line Speed(m/min)
Installed Power(kw)
PEG-75 SJ-50*33 SJ-20*25 φ16-φ75 150 1-16 80
PEG-160 SJ-65*33 SJ-30*25 φ63-φ160 250 0.5-12 150
PEG-250 SJ-80*33 SJ-30*25 φ90-φ250 300 0.2-4 200
PEG-400 SJ-90*33 SJ-30*25 φ200-φ400 500 0.2-2 260
PEG-500 SJ-100*33 SJ-30*25 φ280-φ500 750 0.1-1.5 360
PEG-630 SJ-120*33 SJ-45*30 φ350-φ630 900 0.06-1.5 500